Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Choosing a Home Birth

I don't know why, but before going to our NCT classes, I hadn't even considered the option of having a home birth. It seemed like such an old fashioned thing to do, and yet there are still so many benefits to planning one, rather than residing yourself to the fact that you'll end up in hospital. Sometimes the old ways are the best!

The biggest pull for us was that I was going to be in a place where I was 100% comfortable. I'd have my things around me, be able to use all of our rooms (and garden..weather permitting I guess!) for labour, and not be stuck on a postnatal ward afterwards.

Of course, that's the plan. I know that the chances of us being transferred to hospital at some stage are quite high, but we're both happy with that if it's necessary. I'm not the type of person to be stubborn about my birth plan! The biggest 'fear' for me is that I'll just end up being too tired, so will need to go in to have some sort of intervention, but I'm determined to think positively. I have my painkiller options, and will try Pethidine if need be in the hope that it relaxes me enough to get some rest. But there's no way of knowing how things are going to pan out, so we may as well give the home birth a try!

For me, it's all about being as relaxed as possible. Funnily enough, I don't find hospitals relaxing. At home I will just be able to get my head down and crack on with it, and I strongly feel that the more relaxed I am the easier the labour is going to be. It doesn't seem helpful to interrupt things to go into hospital unnecessarily.

There's also the care I'll receive at home. It's a well know fact that there is a shortage of midwives, and the resources are stretched in hospitals. At home I'll get one-on-one care, with a second midwife present for the actual birth. That's not too shabby!

So fingers crossed, it will all go to plan. We're certainly keeping an open mind about the whole thing!

This is a good site for anyone considering a home birth: http://www.homebirth.org.uk/