Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Water Birth

One really good reason to try a home birth was because I was desperate to use water to relax me.

I've always used having a bath as a bit of a pain killer for my aches and pains, so it seemed like a logical thing to try. Also, when you imagine a baby being squeezed out of that area, it seems a lot less 'harsh' if you're submerged in water. Hopefully it means there will be a bit less tension down below, and decrease the chance of me tearing. It was also recommended in light of me having SPD, and of course my MS. At least I'll be buoyant and able to change position more easily!

Anyway, it seemed that the only way I could guarantee being able to use a birthing pool was if I had one at home. I had a choice of going to either Southmead or St Michael's hospital in Bristol. We chose Southmead because it is closer for us and we'd heard good things (to be fair, both hospitals have commendations for their maternity services, so we're very lucky either way), and they have a midwife led 'birthing suite' which sounded appealing. That said, there are still only 4 rooms there, and only 2 have pools.

It seemed to me to chances of actually getting in there, let alone nabbing a pool, seemed pretty slim!

Organising the pool to use at home has been pretty easy process. I have hired a Mini Birth Pool in a Box from,b.html and everything is supplied (apart from a bucket) so you're ready to go. It cost £99, but if you wanted, you could buy one for about £150. I did consider it...but then thought it's just going to be one of those things that will clutter up our attic afterwards! It's generally frowned upon to lend them to people because of the hygiene issues, though personally I think if you're buying a new sterilised liner, and hose pipes etc, I don't see the problem. They re-use them in hospital after all!

The rental is for 6 weeks, so we arranged for it to be delivered at 37 weeks (the earliest you can have a home birth anyway) and we'll obviously still be covered if Bean decides to make a late appearance.

Of course I will be updating this once we've actually given it a go!

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Clearly I'm going to be as relaxed as this lady.


UPDATE: Yeah. The water birth didn't happen. Best laid plans and all that! :) [See: The Proudest Day of my Life]