Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Depressing Arrival

The arrival of this, this afternoon, has put me into a bit of a downward spiral today and I'm finding it hard to be positive.
I suspected I would feel this way though. I'm over tired and feeling like crap and a wheelchair had just arrived in my house screaming 'You need to use me now. Ha ha ha!!'.
Now I've got to jump the hurdle (slightly inappropriate euphamism) of actually leaving the house. But I don't actually need to go out though, right? I mean I can just stay at home, hang my head out the window for some fresh air, and get all my shopping delivered, right? Agrophobia is so common place now, after all! *twitch*
A chair means a bit of independence, I hear you say. But I don't trust myself to control it properly at the moment (I just can't get my head round it) so going out is going to involve someone pushing. Independence that, I suspect, will cost my sanity. And I tell you house seems VERY small now.
Now, according to fancy number things, there were 191 views of my blog yesterday...though I'm still suspicious that that doesn't actually involve real people!
So, if you're reading this, why not make yourselves known, give me a virtual slap and tell me to pull myself together? I bloody need it today!