Wednesday, 31 October 2012

On the Yellow Brick Road of Recovery..

..and I am really quite relieved.

Woke up this morning feeling...well..crap. But it was a normal 'I feel myself' crap, not a 'I can't take this any more!' crap.

I'm still quite stiff and tingly and a bit numb, especially in my hands, but there has been a vast improvement. In fact my feet feel pretty much back to normal, which is good, so I'm hoping any healing is working its way up! So yeah, good stuff. Also, feeling perky with non-tingly feet, I managed to walk to the shop earlier with my friend too, which is the first time I've really walked outside (aside from hobbling to and from a car) for nearly 3 weeks.

And here's a turn up for the books! As I am sitting and writing this, a girl called Maria is cleaning my house. It feels very strange, and I have this weird urge to keep talking to her. I feel a bit nervous! It's odd having someone in your house, doing something you could be doing yourself. Though I guess that's the whole point..I can't keep up with it myself, and though it may be strange it's rather nice knowing I'll not need to worry about doing it. Plus it'll be lovely not sitting here when I'm ill and thinking 'blimey, things are in a state'. You never know, it might turn me into a brand new tidy person! One that doesn't annoy her husband by leaving bits of paper and cups and bits of wool and thread everywhere!!