Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Calves of Wonder Woman.....

Sadly I don't actually look like Wonder Woman. My muscles in my legs just feel utterly rock solid after the steroids. I swear I'd be able to do some damage if I could actually wield them! Hiiii-YAAAA!!

I finished the steroids yesterday and had a restful day in bed, after accepting that I probably wasn't taking it easy enough this time around. It sounds ridiculous, because I'm sort of incapable to doing anything BUT rest and sit, but as I discussed it with my Hubbie in the far away lands of the US (after having a mini midnight breakdown), I realised I can't really switch off if I hear Lib up and about. With past relapses I would have slept a LOT, but if I hear the little one downstairs it's just *ZAP* and I'm awake, unable to get back to sleep, so I end up hobbling downstairs to sit with her. I intend to write a post soon about fatigue, but just briefly, it has seemed easier this time around without having the fog of fatigue engulfing me. Despite the physical disability, I've remained somewhat myself, but I'm definitely conscious that I need to do what I can to prevent my fatigue getting worse because it makes things a million times harder.

So I've made an effort to properly switch off in the hope it speeds up recovery, and I have to say, I did feel like it had worked yesterday evening. I felt positively chipper (though got ahead of myself and had a glass or two of wine...and with the metallic taste in my mouth it did not sit pretty!). Sadly though it seems the highs were short lived as today I feel pretty rotten. My right hand has improved, which is great. Left hand, not so much. I still have the numbness pretty much every where, though I can shuffle quicker, so my stiffness has obviously improved. I think I have a bit of a coughy cold thing brewing as well, which won't help, but it's kind of expected when you consider how much the steroids suppress your immune system. cut a long story short, I'm certainly not out of the deep dark woods yet, and I'm going to sign off for now before my hands seize up completely!

In more positive news, Si is back this evening and therefore happiness will be restored. Oh..and my daughter took her first steps on her own yesterday evening! It made me well up! :)