Friday, 19 October 2012

The Niggling Needle-Pricks - One Week In

Well. Well, well, well.
One week into MEGA RELAPSE (big booming voices, please) and there's a slight (I'm going to whisper it in case I jinx it..) improvement.

Woke up and hands felt a lot less stiff (sadly my left hand has stiffened up again over the morning..but PAH! Who needs a left hand anyway? ;)
I can feel light sensations on my skin now, so the fuzziness/pins and needles must have subsided a bit which is good. It seems that it's more my muscles that are numb, so if I grab something I can't tell how strongly I'm gripping...meaning I can't really hold Lib. Likewise, if something, possibly dog-shaped, has decided to sleep on my legs I can kind of feel him but not the full weight.

One draw-back is that I can now feel pain. I've been prodding myself with a toothpick throughout the week (the fun never stops!) to test my reaction, and finally today I can feel it for what it is...stabby stabby pain. I've now concluded that enough research has now been conducted via the needle-prick test. Oof.

In other news, my daughter is still taking the fact that her Mummy isn't really getting out of bed, on the chin. A few wobblers yesterday when I couldn't pick her up off the ground, but what can you do? It felt horrible to do it, but I found that just turning around, shuffling away, but calling her after me was the best thing to do. It kind of distracted her. Certainly better than me just standing over her looking sad and helpless!

Apparently there's talk of an outing later in my chair. Possibly to somewhere with people! God forbid. At least I'm too weak to propel the chair myself now, so there's no risk of me bashing into anyone and getting sued. Seriously considering getting some 'L' plates....and a sign that says "Don't pity me. I was just like you a week ago"....that'll confuse 'em! Ha!