Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Wheely Thing

Well, I hung on for 11 years...but now I've finally given in and ordered a wheely thing.
It's a huge step for me, but you know, I feel surprisingly alright about it. 

I guess it's because I've finally realised that, certainly at the moment, it would actually make my life better. Two things have changed though.
Firstly, when I've had relapses in the past my hands have never been that badly affected so I could always use my stick to steady me and therefore hobble out of the house. This time though, my hands are so stiff I can't use a stick so the wheely thing is going to be the only way I can get out of the house.
Secondly, the last time I had a mega relapse I didn't have a daughter! The thought of just hiding upstairs in bed, doesn't appeal. My thinking is that if I have wheely thing, at least I can be more mobile and can go out with Lib and generally be around for her more. 

It'll be strange though, because however bad I've been in the past, I've never needed one, as such. I've always been able to muddle through and make do without. Whereas this time, there's been a quiet acceptance that it's 'time'. How I'll feel leaving the house for the first time may be a different matter though. Most of my neighbours (we're all friends...seriously they should base a sitcom on us. But what to call it? Hmm..) know about my MS..but me rolling out the house in a wheely thing might be a bit of a shock.

So after deciding and giving my hubbie the heads up, I perused and deliberated and perused again, and found one that didn't look too 'medical' and I purchased...this:

So...I guess I should "say" it. 

I'm going to have a wheelchair. 

MS, relapse, sign, neon, wheelchair