Tuesday, 23 October 2012

'Tired and Mopey' seeks.....

......anything to distract her and make her feel more normal.

Feeling rather sorry for myself today!
I confess the weather isn't really helping. It's cold, foggy, grey and oppressive, and I'm still stuck in the house apart from my evening 'constitutional' in the wheely thing.

Here's where I'm at the moment:

- A bit stronger in my legs
- Right hand working up to a point,  though still fuzzy and not very strong
- Left hand still determined to stiffen up and cause a nuisance, meaning picking Lib up is still difficult
- Still have numbness in my muscles so I can shuffle around and do simple things but not really feel it
- Pain has started in my back, neck and shoulders and every muscle just feels tense and sore
- Agitated, sad, stir crazy and generally feeling like a big pile of poo!

I have this over-whelming urge to get out and do something away from the house, but that requires energy and purpose....both of which I am lacking at the moment. It sounds ridiculous, but just sitting in the chair and being pushed around seems to exhaust me at the minute. I feel completely stuck in limbo. But things could be worse. After 11 years you'd think I'd have learnt to be a bit more patient!

Am seriously tempted to spend the day in bed and feel completely, and utterly, sorry for myself.