Friday, 2 November 2012


I am in a FOUL mood.

It's that 'time of the month'....but of course it's that 'time of the month' occurring two days after deciding to start on the Swank diet when chocolate is forbidden. I clearly didn't think this through. And sod's law, it would have to be particularly bad this month! *shudder*

I did consider relapsing into chocolate heaven just for today....or maybe even the weekend ahem.....but I suspect that would that make me a bad rubbish person who has no will power whatsoever. And, there's the risk that if I do it this month then every month I'll end up relapsing due to chocolate needs.

Darn this blog! It's because I wrote yesterday about how good the Swank Diet is and how I know there'll be benefits. So I can't lapse so soon! My good intentions are out the ether. Floating around and making me feel guilty. Plus I know the mental beating I'll give myself afterwards will mean it's probably not worth it!

Tell me I'm being too hard on myself! It'll mean I can eat chocolate. Or likewise...the first person to come up with a decent Swank Diet friendly alternative gets to be my best friend forever. ;)