Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Swank Diet: Highs and Lows

I woke up this morning and felt utterly awful. I felt really depressed, lethargic, achy and cold. 'Oh great. I've caught a bloody virus!" I thought. "Sod's law" I thought. Hmmppff.

Then, as I lay there in a self-pitying stupor, I had a bit of an epiphany.
Firstly, I remember feeling like this when I was being 'strict' with the Swank Diet last time.
Secondly, I worked it out and I had very little fat yesterday. After all a lack of fat in your diet can causes depression, among other things.

So feeling depressed, teamed with having hands like sandpaper, means it's as I feared...I've gone too far the other way. Just like last time. However, unlike last time, I'm determined not to give in and introduce cheese or chocolate so I can have a 'fat fix' and convincing myself that it's for my health.

No. All I need to do is have a think about this and get my head around it.
I found this useful site which explains good fats and how much you should be aiming for.
At the moment I've been thinking of the fat I use for cooking, or the nuts in my muesli, or an avocado here and there, as being sufficient - which is so dumb! The list in the Healthy Fat Food article of what I could eat to use up my fat intake a day, makes me realise it's a lot more than I thought!

So a conscious effort is going to be made to get my diet in check and snack on things like olives, avocado, and nuts to hopefully get things working properly - despite not really enjoying them!

Another mission is to actually read the Swank diet book from cover to cover to remind myself of the research and why I'm putting myself through this life with no chocolate! ;)

I'll keep you posted!