Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Thai Green Curry? 'Thai Crap Curry' more like!

Trying desperately to get my head around the Swank diet....

Decided to cook myself a lovely 'low fat' Thai curry last night, only to remember half way through that I'm not allowed coconut on the Swank diet (because of it's high fat content). I've never really understood the thing about saturated fat from natural sources. On the one hand, Swank says to not eat more than 10g saturated fat a day. But then on the other hand, something like coconut, which is high in saturated fat, is forbidden even if I limit the amount I'm having. Surely it's better to take my 10g from something 'healthy' like coconut? I need to do more reading about this. Perhaps it's because it's easy to over-do it with something like coconut? I will look into it...

That aside, when making the curry I thought 'It's fine. There's 6.2g saturated fat in a quarter tin of this  light coconut milk. I'll just make sure I get 4 portions out of the curry and freeze some'. I thought that was a justifiable reason to enjoy my Thai Green 'DefinitelyNon-SwankbutI'mGoingtoIgnoreThat' Curry.

Turns out it was the worst curry I've ever had! I overcooked the rice, it looked disgusting, and it literally didn't taste of anything despite putting more paste in than it said. Gross.

I guess I got my comeuppance! No more diet-shirking! :)