Monday, 28 January 2013


I haven't written for a good few days, because the non-sleeping adventures continued and I have felt positively brain dead. Looked in the mirror this afternoon, and was quite shocked by the pale haggard being that looked back. Urrggh.

Anyway, Si's back, which is fantastic, but he's still having to work hard which is not so fantastic (though understandable for someone who has a job!). I can see that him being around in the morning to give me a hand may be flying out the window as we speak.

So yes, the sleeping of Little Miss Libby. 
Turns out, retrieving Snuggly Bunny was not the miracle cure I had hoped for. 
The situation as it stands is having tea, a bath, being all sleepy, going down in her cot nicely just enough for me to feel so so so relieved and happy that she has gone down ok, then her screaming because she'd realised she's in her cot, me trying to settle her but giving up because of the physical effort involved and her inability to have me holding her whilst sitting (seriously Lib?!), so taking her to bed with me so I can lie down too, thus ending up co-sleeping her because it's easier than trying to put her in her cot and have her wake up in the night. 

I'm exhausted...and that's with help from mum-in-law when Si was away. 

So I've been racking my brains. What on earth is going on, why isn't she settling and waking up in the middle of the night? Here are a few thoughts I had.....before I went mad:
- Teething?
- Not tiring her out too much in the afternoon?
- Her doing too much in the afternoon and it's a change for her?
- Eating protein at tea and therefore getting a burst of energy?
- Not eating enough at tea so waking up because she's hungry?
- Having tea too late in the evening?
- Just clingy to me?
- Nightmares?

I'm really struggling with not having some control over the situation. I'm at that frustrating point where I know my health is deteriorating because I'm run down, but there's nothing I can do. Or is there?! Or maybe not? Arrgghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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