Saturday, 19 January 2013

It's just snow fun, Mummy!

I haven't blogged for a while for three good reasons.
Firstly, I've been bl***y knackered because Lib's sleeping still hasn't been great due to teething. 
Secondly, my Mum's staying here while Si's away and I get distracted easily...
which leads us on to.....

Snow Snow Snow. Love the stuff. I'm like a kid! I brought Lib down the first morning to show her, giving it the whole 'Oooohh...look Libby! Isn't it great!' thing. She didn't look impressed.
I got her all dressed up to go out in it, having visions of us frolicking around and making snowmen together. Yeah..clearly not going to happen. Lib is not a fan of the snow. 
This could have something to do with it:

Bristol toddler fun falling over winter white


It was taken shortly after she took two steps then stacked it and fell head first into it. I suppose snow looks nice but the swift realisation that it's freezing cold probably came as a bit of a shock.
Hopefully my over-excited neglect hasn't ruined it for her for life! ;)

Plus Si's flight back home has been cancelled so I'll have to wait even longer for another big kid to arrive to prance around in it with me. Hmmpff...rubbish.