Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Sad Tale of Mr Snugglybunny

umbrella lost toy bedtime rabbit pink multiple sclerosis

Mr Snugglybunny had a wonderful life. 

He was the official Snuggler of the beautiful Princess Lib, and it was his job to sit in her cot at night-time and protect her from all the naughty Snoozle Fairies who tried to deliver bad dreams to little girls and boys. 

One day, Princess Lib took Mr Snugglybunny to stay with her at Grandma's house. He liked Grandma's house, it was warm and cosy, and he had lots of fun playing with Princess Lib and her faithful steed Obidiah. 

However, disaster struck. When the Queen (who hadn't been sleeping well because of the pesky Snoozle Fairies) arrived to collect Princess Lib, Mr Snugglybunny was having a doze and didn't realise they were leaving until it was too late! Princess Lib didn't notice Mr Snugglybunny wasn't there until bedtime, but however hard she tried, she couldn't make her silly Mummy understand. 

That night, Princess Lib had to stay up and fight off the Snoozle Fairies all alone because Mr Snugglybunny wasn't there to do it for her. She kept shouting for her Mummy to help her, but all her Mummy did (because the Snoozle Fairies had befuddled her brain) was give her medicine, and put funny tasting paste in her mouth, and try and rock her to sleep! It did make her feel a little better, but she still couldn't sleep without knowing Mr Snugglybunny was ok.

Meanwhile, Mr Snugglybunny was actually enjoying a bit of a holiday from his duties. At Grandma's house he spent his days catching up on sleep in the cot and chatting to Obidiah who liked to sit near the window and keep and eye on the weather. 

The days passed and Princess Lib was becoming increasingly frustrated. How can the Queen not notice that Mr Snugglybunny was missing?! I bet if Daddy wasn't away on his quest, he would have. Mr Oogliboogly Monkey and Gloworm have been trying their best with the Snoozle Fairies, but it's just not the same!

Then one day, Grandma came to the rescue...."Look who I found, hiding in your cot Princess Lib!" she said. It was Mr Snugglybunny! Refreshed and looking forward to getting back to his work, Mr Snugglybunny gave Princess Lib a biiiiiiggg hug, and promised that next time he wanted a holiday we would request the time off in advance using the appropriate annual leave form. 

So they all went back to the castle, and that night, Princess Lib slept soundly because she had her Mr Snugglybunny there to protect her. 


And the moral of the story is..............always do your paperwork. :)