Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Easter Blues

I have realised I HATE Easter. With a vengeance.
Not the religious celebration of course. No no no. I hate the Easter where chocolate is rubbed under my nose at every given opportunity. It's a time when Swank-friendly substitutes just aren't cutting it. It's a time where my sanity and patience is flying out of the window as we speak. And Easter's over now for goodness sake. However the remnants of tempting things to eat are still popping out all over the place.
'Just have some flipping chocolate!' I hear people say. But no. I can't. It will be a slippery slope!

I have been in such a funk recently and I think the diet is partly to blame.
I've had a really hard time sticking to it while I've been feeling unwell. I've been cheating a bit recently, and I think it's been that that's making me feel down, because I'm going to have to really concentrate on reining it back in. Plus I get the guilt. The awful guilt that maybe my actions have made my MS worse. I had three little chocolate crispy bites last night. The shame. THE SHAME!! ;)

I found this to express my bitterness towards all those of you who have pigged out this Easter! :)

Melted Chocolate Destroyed Ruined Multiple Sclerosis