Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I have been rubbish at blogging recently, though I've realised why. Reflexology has helped to manage my symptoms, which means I have more energy. This is turn has meant I've been overdoing it a bit with Lib (sort of a 'I'm going to make up for all the months I haven't been able to take you out to do things' trap). This has obviously meant less quiet time for blogging, and subsequently, more 'I've overdone it and now I feel tired and a bit silly' moments.

That was a very waffling way of saying: I haven't done much blogging recently because I've been busy and then tired. :)

As you can maybe tell, I'm tired as I write this. Therefore, I will apologise in advance for waffling or general nonsense. I was trying to come up with a good topic to discuss, but with no imagination today, all I could think of is......frogs. It has been preying on my mind.

I hate frogs. No...I have a fear of them. I loath and disgust them. It's rubbish because I was really enjoying gardening. Now I'm too afraid to get down on my hands and knees and root around in the plants. It's rainy days like today that freak me out the most. I see leaves and plants twitch because of the rain and my heart pounds! The worst thing is that you can't see the b***ers! They lie....waiting.... camouflaged....until *boing*. ARRGGHHHH!!! *shudder*

In my mind, they are all out to get me. In my mind, a frog can jump 5 feet in the air and land on my face. Or jump 10 feet and land in the house. In my mind, it's going to latch on to me and not let go. And if it does let go, it'll follow me, just to freak me out.

It's starting to worry me more, because I have a daughter now who loves being outside and exploring nature (which is a wonderful thing), and if I'm not careful I'm going to scar her for life with my shrieking and hyperventilating and nonsense. I do understand how ridiculous I am, because frogs are small and harmless, and even if it does land on my face I'm sure it's just because it's being friendly ;)...but like all phobias I just can't help it. I mean, some people have a phobia of combs for goodness sake (it's called ctenophobia*)! At least frogs jump out and get you when you least expect it. Combs....well...let's just say you could avoid combs....especially when gardening. 

As with all things though, there are varying degrees to my phobia (I'd like to point out that I've just spent 2 minutes looking at frog pictures and I was nearly physically sick. Seriously my eyes have gone funny because I was breathing so heavily. I'm not going to get over this, am I?) Be brave, Chloe :

Frog Friendly Smiling Cartoon

I dislike, but I'm obviously fine. Having said that, why does it have pointy evil teeth?!?!

He's not camouflaged so I'm ok. I wouldn't make friends with the fella, but I probably wouldn't scream.

Green Frog Big Eyes
Heart starting to race now. But it's fine..he's on a white page where I can see him. 

Garden Frog British

I can't take it! My eyes have gone squiffy again. *vomit*

I need to lie down. 

Surely there must be a way I can get over this? My greatest fear is Lib coming across a frog one day and bringing it in the house.

Maybe we should tarmac the whole garden. That I could set up a perimeter and keep watch......
Any suggestions will be very welcome! :)

* I apologise to anyone reading this who is afraid of combs. :)