Friday, 10 May 2013

Revitalising Reflexology

I had reflexology for the first time yesterday and it was completely amazing! Honestly, I was gobsmacked by the improvement I felt.
I'd always been a bit dubious about the whole 'touching feet to make you better' thing, but I thought, why not give it a shot? I definitely haven't got anything to lose. So I booked myself in with a lovely woman called Sarah, who comes in to my local MS Therapy Centre once a week.
Reflexology is meant to help with fatigue, among other things. I won't cover it all now, but this is an interesting bit of research about the positive effects reflexology can have on MS if you'd like to know more.
Now, I will say that the same reaction can't be expected across the board, and from looking online, it's clear that some people even react badly to it. Whether this is because they didn't have extensive sessions, who knows? Sarah recommended that I have one session a week for the next few weeks so she can properly ascertain which type of treatment would be beneficial.
So, here's what happened:
BEFORE: I was shuffling quite a lot the morning of the treatment, and had tingles all the way up to my hips (which were very stiff).
AFTER: I felt like I was walking on air! The stiffness in my hips was hugely reduced so I walked out instead of shuffled. I had hardly any tingles, and felt much more energetic. Plus, I had to pop into the city centre to pick something up, and felt so 'ok' that I went shopping! You know, not just grabbing the one thing I needed, but actually browsing and properly shopping! No stiffness after 10 minutes and shocking tingles, nope, everything was just....fine. I realised I hadn't had a 'normal' shopping experience for about 10 years!!
I know what you're on earth could that be just down to reflexology? I don't know. Whether it was, or just a huge coincidence, I don't care. I had a day of feeling normal so I was flipping chuffed! I'm not going to get my hopes up and assume I'll have the same reaction every week, but I definitely feel like I've found a treatment that works for me.
I still feel good today, though Sarah did say that the effects will start wearing off at some point, which is why it's good to have it regularly. Keep it topped up! :)
So if you're an MS sufferer, why not pop into your local MS Therapy Centre and give it a try yourself? As with all alternative therapies, I think it helps if you embark on it with an open mind, but I truly hope it suits you as much as it suits me!