Thursday, 29 August 2013


So here it is. The low-down on the filming fun I had.
It was amazing! Though it was a long day, and I wore stupid shoes like a jackass, I really REALLY enjoyed it.

It was an early start, and there was (as expected) a lot of sitting around waiting, but all my worries about whether I could cope with it soon went out of the window. It's actually a great way for me to get involved with filming, because there is so much sitting and waiting. I knew that if I was tired after doing a scene, it was fine because it would be a while waiting for the next one. So I actually coped with it well, which was a great relief! Having said that I would have to be careful with the work I went for, because I'm assuming not all set ups are as laid back!

Everyone involved in the day was amazing though, and I felt comfortable from the word go. There were definitely things I have learnt though:

1) Wear comfortable shoes! We were filming a wedding, so I wore what I would have worn to any old wedding. Though my heels were very comfy for the majority of the day (down to Debenhams Good for the Sole collection there was a definite "these shoes are so good and comfy.....oh..wait....I think I have a blister.......oh my GOD I can't walk from the pain!!!" moment. My friend Poppy (who I met on set) had it right. She wore a lovely dress, with trainers. After all...they're not going to zoom in on your feet! 

2) Drink water while you can and stay hydrated. I got a bit excited and definitely didn't keep on top of this. I was too worried about needing the loo when I was being filmed! That however, was stupid, because the knowledge that there was a bottle of cool water next door, when I'm seriously parched and being filmed, was much worse! I had an awful headache by the time I was done.

Anyway, the whole day went well, and I went on to do some filming in the city the following day. Annoyingly it was really hot that day, so by the end, though I had loved it, I was in need of a rest. However, filming outside on the hot day was the worst case scenario, right? So I've survived it and learnt a lot for next time. 

But that's the great thing about it. It's something I'm going to be able to dip in and out of to suit my MS. If I'm having a bad patch, then it's no big deal, I don't need to worry about letting anyone down because they hardly know I'm there anyway! Ha!

Next on the agenda is trying to get signed up with an agency in Bristol, so I can hopefully start getting a bit of paid work. Being paid to sit on a film set sounds good to me! I met a nice lady called Pam who has been on Trollied and Sherlock (yes please!) among other things, so she suggested I get signed up with the agency she's with. As far as I'm concerned the whole experience has been one little step closer to Doctor Who! ;) 

I'm also going to have a go at trying to get voice-over stuff as well. Si bought me a fancy mic!
It's bad ass!!!!! :D

Blue Sky, home studio
To record my dulcet tones...

Lovely Poppy - who made sitting around waiting a whole lot more fun....

film set, wedding guests, One, Bristol
Setting up a new shot of the wedding guests.

This couple brought their daughter along. It's a nice idea...but Lib would have caused havoc! 
There was just so much going on!

bristol, film set, One,
 Getting ready for filming on the Monday in the centre of Bristol.

film set, Bristol, One
When me and Poppy were used, we were stood under the tarpaulin chatting. Annoyingly there usually a cafe set up there, so on any other day we could have be eating cake!

 A few members of the cast and crew. 

Here's the website for the movie:!home/mainPage
I love that it's featuring so much talent in Bristol. Fingers crossed it'll get released..I think they are hoping to get it in at some film festivals. 

There's more filming on the 8th September, so this'll be an on-going tale! :)