Friday, 20 December 2013

I'm a Mum travelling with her kid....this isn't a holiday, Phil. It's a business trip.

Sorry...shamelessly stealing from the brilliant Modern Family there, but who cares?!


It's Christmas (nearly) and I have lots that I should be doing (obviously) but in a bid to make myself SIT DOWN (sensibly) I decided to write a blog post.
I haven't written for ages!!! :-o

It's that time of year when everything seems just that little bit more stressful, and we've been trying to get the major bits done towards the house move before we go away to Lincolnshire for a week. 
It's a good thing we're going away (despite the initial upheaval) because we're going to somewhere where there is no phone reception and no I won't have the temptation of checking up on house matters!

I was reminded of the Modern Family quote while I was trying to get washing done to go, with Lib pulling at my ankles. The thought of going away at the moment, certainly doesn't sound like fun! I'm sure it'll be great, but within the space of a week Lib has switched into the (and I don't like using this term..) the 'terrible twos'. She's not terrible. She's just really really....cheeky.  With the odd tantrum thrown in. With this new found quest for independence though, it means none of us are sleeping well at the moment, which has been a huge struggle for me, obviously. She doesn't understand that Mummy needs rest, so having a nap in the day while someone sits with her is becoming harder. It's keeping me on my toes...put it that way!

But enough moaning! It's Christmas! 
The time for happiness, and I can't wait to see her face when she comes down on Christmas morning to see her presents. (Actually - what am I saying? I know exactly what will happen. She'll come downstairs, ignore the presents and ask for Octonauts to be put on!! :)