Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A week of firsts...and we're only at Wednesday!

First Number One:

Lib has he first proper swimming lesson! A bit late considering the age group of the other children there, but she loved it, which is the main thing. Si is taking her every week, which is a lovely thing for them to do together. I love swimming (even though I rarely do it nowadays......hmm....I really must go swimming) so having Lib confident in the water would be lovely. Especially seen as where we're going on our holiday has a pool.

First Number Two:

Lib goes to the dentist. No problem there....though I did have to get her to double check when she told me she had the right number of teeth.
Me: "Oh....but an extra one grew. Are you sure?"
Dentist (counting again): "Huh. Yeah, she has one extra......ok......erm....I've never come across that before..."
It would have to be Lib! :)

First Number Three: 

Lib goes to nursery. (Well...we went to look around, and I've signed her up). She absolutely loved it and was just..amazing. So well behaved, sociable and friendly. I had a weird mixture of feeling incredibly proud, to feeing incredibly sad because it hit me how quickly she's growing up. She'll thrive there though, and we both felt so comfortable there, that I know I won't have any worries leaving her...which is a big relief. There's nothing to make you feel guilty, quite like a screaming child begging you not to take them! I don't think I could have coped. After all, it's not like she's going in because I work and she has no choice. If she hated it, I would be sat at home trying to rest but constantly worrying about her.

Wow...we really have crammed a lot of stuff in so far this week.

Lib looking like she's completely zoned out. Either that..or she was 
trying not to gag during the re-count!