Monday, 21 July 2014

Holiday Fun Fun Fun

We've just come back from our yearly holiday with our amazing friends Paul and Liz. This year it was Cornwall.

There was fun, there were frolics, there was icecream galore. Great times were had by all!
Luckily Paul and Liz are moving to Edinburgh soon so we will soon have happy times with our dear friends much more often!

This year seemed a reflective year, with lots of talk of babies, houses and travels. We marvelled this time about how things have changed over the last few years. Lib was a cuddly bundle of chubbiness the first holiday, a cheeky giggly wriggler the second, and this time a shy bright little button. My girl is growing up so fast.

We reminisced about how simple life was when Lib was tiny (even though at the time you think it's hectic and difficult) and I talked through the fears I had about having a second child. However, after looking at old photos and videos together, it reminded me that, though it was hard at times, so much joy comes from a child and the fears I have now are the same fears I had the first time round..and I coped fine. In fact, judging from what an amazing little girl Lib is, I'd say we did a darn good job!
As Elsa says/sings/cavorts in her ice flinging way -  "It's funny how some distance, makes everything seem small." [Yep, that was a Frozen reference...I have watched Frozen a lot recently. It has burrowed into my mind like a heart-warming weevil]
Well I've had my distance for a week, and I have returned home relaxed and completely ready to take on the challenges of Baby Numero 2.

And the lesson learnt here: Have. More. Holidays. :)

Despite it looking like a grey day, the weather was beautiful. 
This is just before we 'swam'....Lib didn't like the seaweed, which was hard to avoid at Polkerris.
Therefore 'swimming' was me carrying her deeper and deeper into the water until 
some brushed her leg. 

NB: It must be noted that after seeing a full-length photo of me in a swimsuit, I am determined to finally kick off some of this extra weight before I get pregnant again. I will dutifully keep you informed.