Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Nursery Years

That's it folks!
I finally reached my limit.

After months of muddling through and making do, it was decided that there was no need to be struggling when there was a perfectly acceptable alternative. And that alternative is nursery. 

Let me explain though. Since things have settled after the house move, we were finally able to sit back and have a good look at the way things work. As much as I hated to admit it, I just couldn't cope with a rambunctious toddler 6 days a week any more (especially if/when I get pregnant!). I had reached my peak. 

For starters, I just can't lift her any more! I quickly realised I was really struggling with little things like lifting her out of the bath and in and out of the car. Turns out 34lbs is my weight-lifting limit*. The tricky thing though is trying to explain that to her! Every time I lift her now I can hear my muscles yelling "what are you doing, idiot?!"

I also just simply cannot keep up with her. At 2 and a half, it became more noticeable that Lib needed constant interaction, conversation and me having to create decent entertainment to avoid her sitting in front of the TV all day. All of a sudden, it became clear that she would benefit from something more. It wasn't just me having to send her off for a day so I can get some rest. Lib needed more interaction from others her age, and different stimulation. 

So we enrolled her at lovely nursery not too far away and she now goes every Mon and Friday. Big sigh of relief from me (and probably Sheils! :) I still can't quite get my head around having spare time where I don't have to rest. I feel almost guilty! I mean, I'm not at work. Lib technically doesn't have to be at nursery. I almost felt like I was doing her an injustice. Of course that's utter cobblers, for the valid reasons stated above. I console myself with the fact that even if I Mum didn't have MS she'd be struggling, and anyway Lib loves it, and is doing brilliantly so it's a big 'YAY' for all. 

Now...hmmm.....what to do, what to do?...................

* Huh. Turns out that's actually pretty good! Just read an article where the woman was struggling to carry her 2 year old. I've got 9 months on that! From now on call me 'Muscles Metson' please.