Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Quick 'Where has the time Gone?!' Catch-up

It's the 2nd October and it's been nearly 6 weeks since I last posted. Unheard of. Seriously, this summer has literally flown by. I can't believe we've been living in the new house for 6 months now!

I've been so busy this summer that blogging has just been impossible, purely because I have had so much on my mind. I know. It's ironic. (If I have so much stuff on my mind, I should have lots to talk about) but no. I just haven't been able to make myself sit down and concentrate for half an hour. I'm struggling now to be honest...

Also, the downside to not blogging regularly, is that I actually can't remember what happened over the summer, even though I know I was busy and had lots of things to do. I have vague memories of building work, new windows being put in, living in mess and chaos for a good long while, people visiting and staying in chaos while trying to assure us that it's not messy or chaotic, feeling like poop in the heat (though not as bad as last year, so that's a plus!), filming (oh my god I nearly forgot about the filming...that's a whole post in itself), and generally trying to keep myself together while we wait to get preggers (that sounds like we're literally sitting down waiting for it to happen. We've now been informed that it's a bit more complex than that...:). So yeah busy busy BUSY! 

Basically we moved house, hit the ground running (and I'm a BAD runner), and we haven't really had more than the odd day to catch our breath. I have an inkling though that these autumnal months will at least be more quiet now that the excitement of having a new house has worn off and we have less visitors. I flipping love Autumn! Time to do some living now, and get back in the swing of things. :)

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Autumn is the best