Monday, 8 December 2014

14 weeks - tired but happier

Missed a couple of weeks, but who gives a monkeys, eh? :)

So the depression and anxiety has died down a bit, which is good. I've had a few bad days, and a couple of anxiety attacks, but overall there's a noticeable improvement, which is handy because.....what's this? Advent begins tomorrow?!


I'm really looking forward to it this year, which is also a good sign that things are on the up.
Lib's definitely getting an idea of what it's all about, so it'll be lovely seeing her getting all excited! We met Father Christmas the other day for the first time :)

Part of encouraging myself to keep 'down' moments at bay has been to try and keep myself busy and distracted with nice things to do, so making Christmas presents and baking nice treats could not come at a better time.

Plus it's finally getting it.

I'm dreaming of the White Christmas that I doubt will EVER happen
in Bristol....but here's hoping!