Wednesday, 14 January 2015

20 weeks and a New Year

So it's 2015! A new year and a fresh start.

I've always liked January (which I know sounds nuts to most people). It's probably because my birthday is at the beginning of Feb so I have something to look forward to, but I've also always seen January as the month to shake off any rubbish stuff that happened the previous year and enjoy making plans (however small) for the year ahead. I don't do resolutions though. Why put the pressure on yourself?!

Obviously, this year the big change will be our little boyo arriving. Yep...that's right. It's a boy!
Lib was correct in her premonitions. I was not. :)

In fact, I was so convinced I was having another girl that I admit I felt pretty shocked when I saw what was blatantly obvious on 20 week scan! It's great news though, and now that it's sunk in, it's even more exciting because it will feel like a completely new experience. I think part of me slightly hoped it would be a girl just because in my head that felt like it would be easier. However, I neglected to take into account that of course, the baby girl would of course be different to Lib. So in some ways with a boy on the way, I am of course now expecting it to be different, which might soften the blow when things undoubtedly are!

All is perfectly fine and healthy though (as far as they can see), so it's made me relax into the pregnancy a bit more. I have a growing bump now, which is nice, baby is wriggling a lot, and I'm seeing the osteopath every few weeks to keep the aches and pains away. I'm still getting good days and bad days with regard to fatigue and the depression, but that's to be expected, and I certainly don't want to bump my medication up just because I know things are ok (so far) in the womb. Best to ride it out until the end, and evaluate things then. I've already accepted that I might not want to breastfeed in order to go back on my medication again quickly anyway. Initially, I felt like this was being selfish. Then I gave myself a big internal slap and told myself to get over it and stop being silly. A healthy Mum is a happy Mum. And a Happy Mum = a Happy Baby. Why I'm worrying about that now, I have no idea, and I think Si thinks I'm nuts. But these stressy thoughts all happened last time, so I'm pretty sure it's normal...for me anyway!

Why this picture says 'baby boy' I have no idea. Lib had some booties very fact I wouldn't mind a pair myself.