Monday, 6 April 2015

Belly Wrap for Pregnancy

Firstly a HUGE thank you to my friend Anna, for suggesting this to me.

This is an example of pregnancy belly wrapping that I thought I'd forward on, because even if you're not in pain, supporting your bump in later pregnancy is always beneficial. I had a long jersey wrap that I made (so much cheaper than buying an official Moby wrap and dead easy - instructions here) to use with Lib, and it was just sat in the drawer waiting for baby number 2. I didn't even twig that it might be useful before hand.

I was obviously already using Tubigrip to support my damaged muscles, but the problem with it is that because I have a burning sensation on my skin this gets irritated hugely by the course material. Also,  I was still moving the same way as before, albeit slowly, and every time I reached for something or bent over I had big shooting pains.

The great thing about wrapping the bump up instead of using Tubigrip is that because it is supported around my shoulders and back, as well as my waist, I can't twist awkwardly, and I have the muscle support if I lift anything. It's made hobbling around the house a lot more comfortable, which is great. I've seen some improvement in the pain because of the rest I've been getting this weekend, and even though the pain is still there with the wrap it feels nice to be more supported...especially if I do ever manage to leave the house over the coming weeks!