Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Relapse Time

Bit of a short, to-the-point post, but I just don't have the mental capacity at the moment to write anything other! So 5 weeks after giving birth, and finally my body decided that enough was enough. Relapse Number 13 is upon me.

Like last year it started with cerebral symptoms:
  • painful headache over right eye which went down face
  • total loss of concentration and worse than normal short term memory
  • mixing up words in sentences/not being able to think of words/thinking of a word and something completely different coming out instead
  • rubbish balance
  • lisp
  • problems swallowing
Then of course you have the usual 
  • stiffness in legs, and tingling/numbness
  • exhaustion and fatigue
  • tremors in hands, and 
  • dizziness
  • weakness
For once, I was proactive (instead of my usual wait and see approach) because with Junior here there's that added pressure to get better as quickly as possible. I contacted the MS nurses quickly, and after being seen by my consultant, was able to start on IV steroids within a couple of days. It turned out to be the right decision, because even though steroids don't prevent the relapse from happening, I did feel stronger after day 1 so I think it has helped me to deal with it better. Some symptoms have improved already, and others have become a bit worse, but it's really hard to assess at the moment because it's flipping hot!!! Sod's law. 

So I'm sat here after my last dose, trying to keep cool and rest, trying to shake off this demon of a headache and hope that things really start to improve soon.  I do feel like this is a bit of fresh start in a weird way though. My body has been through so much this year, but knowing that I've had a max dose of steroids to make me as strong as possible is reassuring. I've started back on my supplements, and will be back on Amantadine soon so onwards and upwards, hopefully! 


On a more practical note, I am so happy I bought this machine. It enables me to make bottles up quickly and at the right temperature, upstairs in mine and Junior's room. It's pricey (though normally on special offer), but perfect for any parent with mobility problems who wants to avoid trips up and down the stairs - for me was worth paying for. During the relapse it has been a godsend because it's meant I can have everything to hand so me and Junior can camp out and rest, and the furthest I need to hobble is the bathroom. :)