Monday, 19 June 2017

MS in a heatwave

It's heat wave time. Get those windows open, fan on and get out the half inflated paddling pool, it appears summer is here.
Now, if you've read this blog you know that heat does not sit well with me. Not only does it make me stiff and tingly, it also knackers me out beyond compare.
So, at 28 deg outside I should be sat here feeling pretty miserable, right?
Well, believe it or not, I've been fine.
In fact, yesterday I was up at 4.30am with Ed (damn you early sunrise) and managed the whole day in the ultra heat. We even had a bbq, which obviously takes far more preparation than you think, and yet. And yet....I'm fine.
No tingles. No stiffness. No crippling fatigue.
I'm now starting to get nervous. I should be suffering.
Is it Tysabri? We know that it can't repair damage, but what with it pushing me into a good remission, maybe this is the first summer I've had for years where I have been in a proper remission.
Is it sugar? Is sugar really a poison like they say and was flaring up symptoms. I can't deny that I feel better physically from restricting my intake. I've come off the mega 'nothing sweet whatsoever' detox though, and allowed myself a bit of fruit every now and again. I figure fruit has benefits that outweigh the sugar intake. If it is the lack of sugar that has improved things, it's a sobering thought. All these years I could have been helping myself and my MS but I didn't, for want of a sugary treat. It brings me right back to when I was diagnosed and a nurse told me I couldn't have chocolate anymore (no explanations, just that I couldn't have chocolate. She was like an old crone cursing me for all eternity).
It's all hindsight though, I guess.
For now I'm just going to try and keep cool and enjoy my non-tingling feet. Who knows how long it'll last for!