Saturday, 16 April 2011

Am I or aren't I?

We decided to start trying for a family around Christmas 2010, after many heart-to-heart talks.
Both of us were anxious for various reasons, but one worry we did agree on was how it would affect my MS, and whether I would be able to cope with caring for a baby.

It's such a huge question, and one that can't be answered in advance. However, I had always wanted to be a Mum, so I wasn't prepared to not give it a go in case it made my MS worse. I have a hugely supportive network of family and friends, and I was about to leave my job on voluntary severance, so the time seemed right for us.

I actually found out I was pregnant on my birthday in February. I had done two pregnancy tests which had both come out negative, so after having stomach pains (and no period), I thought it would be best to get myself checked out. Si went with me, and the doctor confirmed it. Even considering we had been trying for a baby, it was still a huge shock! We got rushed up to the ante-natal clinic to make sure it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy (stomach pains are a symptom) and before we knew it...there we were, sat staring at an ultra-sound of our baby! It was amazing and utterly scary. I think I was in shock, and it definitely took a week or so for it to sink in. Any worries we had before, just became sort of manageable, and you realise that all the little practical things you were worried about, like money, or having a large responsibility, really didn't matter.

pregant, MS