Friday, 19 August 2011

Remedy for Constipation

MS, squashed womb, baby
A bit of an icky subject, but I suffered so badly with it at one point it was really getting me down.
It's obviously common in pregnant women, and judging from the diagram, you can see why! I was shocked when I discovered how squashed up everything was at the top...I haven't been very good at being able to imagine how big the baby is. I just kind of assumed everything else was still in it's usual place and the baby was growing on top of it on the outside! Durr!

Anyway, I obviously mentioned it to my midwife and they prescribed me some Lactulose. Unfortunately it wasn't any help, whatsoever, and now I have a big bottle of it taking up cupboard space in our bathroom.

My Mum recommended Movicol, which I then gave a go. Again, nothing much happened, which was a shame because at £8 a pop I had high hopes!

In the end, when I was holiday I decided to go down the natural route, and ate 1 whole Galia melon and had a glass of prune juice which I bought from Holland & Barratt. I kid you not, within an hour things were 'on the move'. It obviously did the trick in easing things because since then I've been pretty good, and have a little glass of prune juice every now and again to keep myself regular.

Goes to show that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best!