Monday, 29 October 2012

Today's Achievement: Curried Pumpkin and Vegetable Soup

Made with two numb hands and only three sliced fingernail mishaps (not in the soup, I hasten to add). Perfect for Halloween!


The scooped out inside of your Halloween pumpkin (or just any old pumpkin!)
2 onions
2 large potatoes
One small swede
2 carrots
1 tsp ground ginger
2 heaped tsp mild curry powder
1 pint vegetable stock
2 tbsp flour

- Dice the vegetables into small chunks and remove any seeds from the leftover pumpkin.
- Fry the onions in oil until soft.
- Add the vegetables and fry for approx 5 minutes.
- Add the spices and flour, and fry for another minute, allowing them to coat the vegetables.
- Pour over the stock, bring to the boil then turn down the heat and simmer for half an hour or until the veggies are really soft.
- Season to taste and blend if you prefer a smooth soup.