Sunday, 18 November 2012


Woke up on Friday feeling refreshed, lively and happy, and it was all down to this little beauty!

I picked it up from the dentist on Thursday. Weird I know...but the fact that it's an exact replica of my bottom teeth amused me!

I have to wear it every night when I'm sleeping because I'm a serial tooth-grinder! It happens when I'm stressed, so the effects of it have been really noticeable over the last year. I also found out that bruxism (the medical term for it) can cause headaches, ear ache, stiff shoulder and neck, and depression, all of which I've had recently. It was getting so bad the sides of my tongue were becoming almost serrated because of the grinding and chewing! Ouch!

The shield stops me from clenching my jaw and therefore grinding my teeth and, I have to say, on Thursday night I slept like a baby. It's made me realise how much it was getting in the way of a good nights sleep. I just wish I'd sorted it sooner!

In other happy news, my hands have finally started improving. They're still fuzzy, but a lot less stiff, which means fewer clumsy moments. Haazaaa!