Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Christmas Elf sitting on my shoulder...

[WARNING - this blog post contains pre-emptive Christmas cheer]

I haven't blogged or tweeted for days, and when I was trying to think why, I came to the conclusion it was because of Christmas. 'Madness' you say! It's not even flipping December yet. But despite your derision, I will carry on with my tale (after all...it's very nearly December). And yes. I feel properly Christmassy...for the first time in years.

For starters, it's our first 'proper' Christmas with Lib. Last year was her first Christmas, but I was far too tired and haggard to feel Christmassy. I decided to stop breast-feeding last Christmas Day because it was just becoming such an ordeal trying to get her to concentrate and latch on properly. It did make me feel better though, making that decision, but it was quite stressful for me. This year, despite everything that's happened over the past 6 weeks or so, I'm in a much better place. Lib'll be toddling about this Christmas, all excited, and it will just be lovely.

Secondly we've hired a cottage in Lincolnshire so we can have a big family Christmas with both mine and Si's side of the family, which will be great! It certainly means I won't have to do any major travelling over Christmas week so I can relax a bit.

Lastly...I love having things to focus on and plan! It makes me feel all warm inside! I haven't had much to plan since the wedding earlier on in the year, so for Christmas, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to try and make it a bit special for everyone. I'm going to squeeze Christmassy spirit out of one and all!! :D

I've started by having a go at wet-felting for one such surprise. For a second attempt I was quite chuffed with that!