Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Yuletide Adventures of Family Metson

Merry Christmas everyone! Mightily belated, but with no wifi access for the last week, it's excusable! ;)

I have just had a brilliant Christmas! Full of fun, frolics and Yuletide joy.
We packed the car up and meandered over to Lincolnshire on the 22nd to stay in a great cottage not far from my parents, and with Si's aunt and uncle staying with us too, it was a full-house for Christmas day! It was so great for us all to be together, and personally, it was nice not to have to worry about travelling over the Christmas week to see family, as they were all with us. Hazaa!

Lib had a great time, and really relished having her whole family around her. She had us in stitches on many occasions! I can't believe it's her second Christmas already.

We're back in Bristol now, and as Si's thoughts turn to the sales (he's a brave man my husband!) I'm sat here contemplating what left-over Christmas treats I can tuck into without any Swank diet-associated guilt. I was really good over the whole Christmas week (aside from a bit of Camembert on a cracker....literally my one 'treat') until it came to going to friends party where I lapsed and attacked the finger buffet in order to fend-off hunger induced madness. Needless the say, the 'lapsing' continued for most of the day, though I got my comeuppance that night when I had really really bad stomach. It wasn't pretty. I felt that bad we came to the conclusion it was probably caused by the prawns I used for my omelette that evening. Either that or I'm so Swank friendly now I just can't handle even moderately rich food anymore! Blimey O'Riley!

christmas present night light bug stars toddler

Lib with her new nightlight.