Sunday, 13 January 2013

By Jove! I think they've got it!!

So, the last time I wrote we were having a few issues with Lib sleeping...or not. As I mentioned before, it was a bit of a shock to the ol' system.

Well...I think we've cracked it and worked out the issue.
It took a week of uncertainty and trying various methods of soothing (including, at one stage, driving down the M32 - we were that desperate) but we finally twigged it. She wouldn't settle on the days when she had had an afternoon nap.

Now that might be sound really obvious to an outsider, but bear in mind that this change to her stamina/body clock (who knows), happened literally over night. No wonder we were confused.
One day Lib is perfectly happy to snoozy in the afternoon then snuggle down into her bed like the cuddly munchkin that she is. The next day, it's 'no I'm terribly sorry...that just doesn't work for me any more'. Except she can't tell us that. She can just scream and rant. So we put the theory to the test, and yep, no nap equals good sleep. She did still wake in the middle of the night, but for me, that's manageable. It means that I can still switch off for an hour or two and get a chunk of sleep before I have to sort her out. It's a big relief considering that today Si's going away for a week!

Pat on the back for potential disaster being averted.........for now................duh duh DAAHHHH.