Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The New Year Indecisions of a Tingly Mum

So, firstly...HAPPY NEW YEAR friends!

2013. It sounds so...futuristic. ;)
Shouldn't we all have flying cars by now?
I can remember the Millennium really clearly, which makes me feel old! It's scary how quickly time flies.

Anyway, as usual I thought I should probably try and make some New Year's resolutions. But what?
Here are the usual suspects I tend to gravitate towards:

1. Try and lose weight - Nah. I feel like I've always struggled with my weight, but that probably isn't true. I put on a lot when I was first diagnosed, and have always struggled to lose it, but then in all honesty I didn't try that hard. Funny how fad diets make you think you're being really proactive, but everyone knows, all you have to do is eat my healthily and do more exercise! When I do really try, I can lose it. After all, I've managed to get down to my pre-baby weight, so I can't be struggling that much. Ironic really that it's only been since I haven't given losing weight a second thought that it's started to drop off.

2. Do more exercise - urrrggh. The bugbear of my life. Every year I vow to 'do more exercise' but it never happens, however good my intentions are. I'm good at doing short bouts of exercise, but then as soon as I over-tire myself, it puts me off. It's hard finding a balance with the MS. Of course I need to do more and it will, in turn, make me feel better, but it's tough. Especially now that I have Lib using up so much of my energy reserves! Best not to put the pressure on myself and just see what happens. 

3. Eat more healthily - again a 'usual suspect', but if I eat more healthily than I am doing now on the Swank diet I may scream. I suppose I could resolve to carry on and stick to the diet, but I know deep down that I will, so that's a bit of a cop-out!

4. Get out and do more things with Lib - Nah. Not that I don't want to do more with her, but I've got a valid reason for not taking her out all the time and going to new places. It's not like I'm keeping her in doors because I just can't be bothered. I do what I can. 

5. Try and be tidier - this is a good one. I am undoubtedly messy. It's built into me. I have a strange urge to just...leave things. It's not laziness. It's I get distracted so easily. I'm like a puppy. I'll be tidying something away then suddenly get an urge to start sorting out something else, so things never get finished. I leave a little trail of destruction behind me! I am trying hard to change my habit. Mainly because I fear the word "divorce" may be bandied around. ;)

I don't know. I could list things until the cows come home, but would deciding on something at the beginning of the year really make me more keen to stick to it? I doubt it. It'll probably just make me feel like a big failure if I don't stick to it and therefore ruin the beginning of a perfectly good year. All I want is for me and my family to be happy and healthy. Sod becoming a better person!

If I did want to try though, it would be best to use reverse psychology on myself, and then I'll do it in a bid to rebel against my inner self.

You will not become tidier. You will not become tidier. You will not become tidier. You will not become tidier......

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