Thursday, 14 February 2013

Only 3 days to go...

..until our honeymoon!
My goodness me, I cannot wait. It's come at a good time because both me and Si are both frazzled for one reason and another, so having a break will do us both the world of good!

We're going to Luosto in Finland to (hopefully) see the Northern Lights..though it looks like things are pretty cloudy over there at the moment, so I'm going to assume that we won't, that way it'll be a nice surprise if it happens! If not, we'll just have to put up with a lovely week in the snow, going on huskie sled rides, using the hotel spa, and eating nice food. Poor us! ;)

So, this will be my last post in a while. We're having a partial computer ban while we're away. I say partial because I'm pretty sure we're going to be checking emails for news on Lib and sending back photos. The longest time I've spent without her was when we had two nights away when we got married, and even then I was chomping at the bit to see her! However, we were staying in Bristol, so maybe that made it worse because I knew I could see her if I wanted. We're going to be so far away in Luosto that I'll have no choice but to enjoy the time away and make the most of the break. At least my MS seems pretty stable, and luckily most of the activities are in the evening to get the best chance of seeing the lights, so I can get plenty of rest during the day if I need it.

I'm so flipping excited! Hurray for holidays!!!

Snow Finland Aurora Borealis Trees Snow-covered

Fingers crossed!