Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Blimey O'Riley....

Today I have been looking into pre-schools.

This scares me. Lib is 18 months old. She won't start pre-school for another year and a half.
The fact that I have to start looking now and put her name down somewhere, is mental to me!

I think I've found a good one though. I even looked at the Ofsted reports....(jeez louise)

Putting that aside though (because I refuse to accept that I need to sort this out now) it did start me thinking about nursery. I refreshed my knowledge on the Dr Swank research yesterday, and there were some interesting points about fatigue that reminded me how, though I'm much better than I used to be, I could benefit from being a bit pre-emptive with my rest. Understandably it's hard to effectively rest when I have a wee one running around, but there's no reason why I can't organise some weekly time for Lib at nursery to stock up on some rest. The fact that you have to book a slot in advance sort of put me off the idea in the past (after all, I obviously don't know when I'll be fatigued) but reading Swank again hammered it home that just having that slot to switch off and have a lie-down, regardless of whether I feel like I need it, may be hugely beneficial. This will be a big learning curve for me. I'm not very good at switching off since becoming a Mum!

Of course, the advantage of using a nursery rather than relying on very helpful mother-in-laws (thank you Sheila! :) is that Lib will get a set time every week to hone her socialising skills. Now she's older I'm becoming more conscious of her need to be around other kids.

Anyway, I guess I need to do some proper investigating and report back.
Whatever happens though, I've concluded that my daughter is growing up faaaaaarrr to quickly. *blub*

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