Sunday, 17 March 2013

Cheese, curry and sniffles

I haven't written for a while and I actually have lots of write about, but for now I'll start with cheese, curry and sniffles.

It's midday and I'm shuffling around the house in jam-covered pajama bottoms (thanks Lib) feeling sorry for myself. Why? Well, just when I started feeling normal again after the mega cold we picked up from Finland, a new tickly, and frankly more annoying, cough emerged yesterday and I woke up this morning bunged up again! That makes it 3 weeks and counting. Arrgghhh!! Colds just wipe me out sooo much and I just want to hibernate for a few days to get over the fatigue and let my body do what it needs to do. Obviously, that's not practical with a jam-wielding toddler though!

Anyway, we have friends coming over for curry tonight which'll be great, but much rest is going to be needed today, me thinks. Shame the Swank diet doesn't allow for a proper spicy fat laden curry to banish the germs! Part of me thinks it might do me good (a phrase that has been cropping up in my head a lot recently! *slap wrists*). The other, more sensible part, is determined to stick with it as best I can in case the excessive fat makes me feel worse, so I've investigated the 'lower fat' curry options so I can at least pretend to do curry goodness! So it looks like dhal and boiled rice for me, with perhaps some tandoori prawns thrown in if I'm feeling cheeky. That's not TOO bad, right? I wanna be somewhere in middle of this...

Deprivation Guilt Cartoon Woman Diet Dr Swank Multiple Sclerosis Low Fat

On other Swank news, I found some low fat cheese called Minicol the other day which I can have a small amount of. Thinking of melted cheese on pasta (mmmm) I tried it last night. It tastes ok on its own, but against a sauce was kind of non-existent and it didn't melt. I decided there was no flipping point! I suppose I could make a very small cheese and pickle sandwich with my quota...... :)