Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Full of Pinterest

Well, yesterday was a write-off!
The fatigue went up a notch, which was annoying to say the least. Luckily Si could work from home so I spent the day either napping when Lib did, or sitting on the sofa helplessly watching her run amok!

It's lucky for me then that I have now discovered Pinterest. I'd never tried it before because I assumed it was just 'yet another social network thing', but I've found it great. So many ideas for things to do with Lib, crafty things to get my teeth into, foody bits, and general inspiration. For those of you who don't know, it's basically a neat way to share blogs and ideas. I've discovered so many great blogs that I know I wouldn't have come across normally. I'll set up a link thingymebob soon!

Any way, at the moment I'm concentrating my efforts on books. Specifically looking for natty ways I can turn Lib's room from looking like this:

Children's Child's Bedroom Messy Books

to this:

Ok....well maybe not this. I mean, there is no way a child has taken one step in that room! Plus I love the way the books are on the highest shelf..that's clearly the way to do it. ;)

No, I just want to start thinking about at least trying to organise things effectively. At the moment, Lib's many books are on a bookshelf which means if she pulls one, a good chunk of them tend to spill out onto the floor. Not that I'm naive enough to think she won't do that anyway, but her being able to actually see what she's choosing would be a start! :)

Anyway, something like this would be cool. I found it on Pinterest - it's made from recycled pallets. I like the idea of reusing something instead of just heading to IKEA (having said that..when I'm tired like today, getting something shop bought is looking mighty attractive!)

I'm sure you'll all wait with bated breath to see what I come up with. Ha! ;)

P.S If anyone is remotely interested, you can follow me on Pinterest at cmetsrun.