Thursday, 11 April 2013

Presenting to you...the wholesome hobby that is GARDENING

Just a quick blog post, mainly because I'm aware of not writing one for a while and I don't want to get out of the loop!

I'm writing this in bed, with a torch balanced under my chin, trying not to make the keys clack and thus wake up the sleeping, snoring cherub in the cot next to me. We've come up to Lincolnshire to have a wee seaside holiday at Mum's while the hubbie is away. Shame the weather is too cold to brave the beach though!

Talking of the weather though, we did have one lovely Spring day the other day (I know! Shock horror!!) and I surprised myself by having a little gardening spree. It's not that I've disliked gardening in the past, it's just that before Lib came along, I tended to put myself off. If it was sunny and hot I avoided it in case the sun made me feel ill and tired, if it was cold, then I avoided it because it was....well...cold!

However, because it's so good for Lib to be out in the fresh air, it encourages me to be out. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and we spent it pottering in the garden. I've realised what a great form of exercise it is for me because I can sit down a lot of the time and it's gentle. I felt positively healthy which I certainly haven't felt for a while, and Lib just loves the garden! Big thumbs up all round!

Lib and her friend helping to prepare the veggie patch. It's not child labour...honest!