Friday, 19 April 2013

Stop mocking me, Kawashima!

So I had my medical review at the hospital on Wednesday.
It was mainly 'same old same old' apart from a couple of things. Firstly, the doctor confirmed that the burning, pinching pain I've had for ages, but has become considerably worse recently, was neuropathic pain. I kind of knew that anyway, but they're sorting me out some decent painkillers for bad days. This is potentially good, but I suspect I won't get on too well with them. The doc said they can have a sedative effect, so really that limits me to taking them before bed, unless Lib is elsewhere! Plus I hate feeling 'out of it'. We'll see.

The second thing was that, when prompted, because I can never remember what has been bothering me (!), I commented that my memory had been particularly bad recently. I've never had a brilliant long-term memory anyway, but recently I've noticed my short-term memory has been utterly rubbish. It's at the point where I'll do something, and two minutes later I have no recollection at all. The worrying thing though is that it happened with my pills the other day. Took them, then that was it, the knowledge had been wiped. Luckily I have them in a daily dosage box, so I knew I had taken them, but even so. That hasn't been an issue before. It's reached the point where blaming it on baby brain doesn't really cut it!

Anyway, they told me to keep and eye on it. I'd never really thought of cognitive problems of being a symptom of MS, but it's one of the most common. Makes me wonder whether it's been creeping up on me over the years, but so slowly I've just put it down to other things.
Me being me though, I just thought. Right, what can I do.

Then I remembered that we had Dr Kawashima's Brain Training on the Nintendo DS. I tried it this evening. This was the result. (Note, my husband's sprightly brain age of 28...hhmmff)

Dr Kawashima Brain Training Score Data Multiple Sclerosis Memory

It worries me that I was quite pleased with this score. I think last time I did it I was 57 or something!
There's work to be done, but I'm sure from doing this and other things regularly I can improve things enough to not worry about it any more.

Of course there's another, far more important, reason I want to improve my brain age.

 To wipe the smug look off his face.

Kawashima Brain Training Smug Memory Multiple Sclerosis
Dr Kawashima

Oh, and on a completely random note, I spotted this earlier when taking a break from the updates of the Boston manhunt. Si was there when the bomb went off at the marathon, and as his company is based there, it's been a strange time. Anyway, I defy you not to laugh, and smile, and feel slightly happier with this messed up world. :)