Friday, 3 May 2013

Why is this pen here?

I must be incredibly frustrating to live with.

I leave a little trail of random assortments behind me that are now (well...i say 'now'. It's been going on a while) starting to bury their way into my husband's sanity.

I went to brush my teeth last night, and I saw this:

Pen, odd place, bathroom, moaning

It cracked me up, but then I had to explain to my husband that his plan had a major that I would now have to always keep a pen in that place because otherwise any visitors would think he'd literally gone mental! Needless to say, I haven't removed the pen for that very reason. 
I also explained exactly why there was a pen there (I needed to make holes in my soil to plant the seedlings out, the pen got muddy, I washed the pen, then I put it there to dry.....I didn't mention that this was nearly a week ago). It was a lame excuse. I do know that it's stupid and frustrating, and that I should just put things away, and after this frankly desperate act from Si, I realised that the very least I could do is try and work out why I'm such a mess!

Here are some possible reasons that I came up with:
  1. It's just the way I am. Get over it. ;)
  2. Half the time I'm walking around in a state of foggy tiredness where I have to weigh up every little thing that I do. Take the pen for example. If I was feeling fatigued, in my mind it would be 'well...if I returned this to it's rightful place now then it means going downstairs, then back upstairs. I'll just do it later. In fact, I can just make it a little home for it here instead". (Though this is often the case, on this particular day I had managed to do some gardening so the tiredness excuse doesn't really cut it!)
  3. Things don't have a 'place' in our house. This is slowly being rectified, but I haven't had much energy recently to chip away at it. I clearly need a little home for pens on each floor......and maybe one for spoons (see below).
  4. I'm lazy. I get tired undoubtedly, fatigued absolutely, but that doesn't mean that on the odd occasion I'm not lazy. Again, why go alllll the way downstairs to replace the pen when I can make a little home for it here? :)

But what's the solution?

  1. I've given Si my permission to put post-its and encouraging messages (such as 'what the hell is this doing here?', 'Why Chloe? WHY?', 'You're doing it again', etc) onto things out of place. This could back-fire horribly...I'm very worried I'll wake up one morning with a post-it on my head saying 'Please leave.' but it's worth a try! :) It might well work, because once things are deposited by me I tend not to notice them, so it will make me more aware. Of course there is the risk that, to visitors, Si will come across as a complete ba*****d! I think he's probably prepared to take that risk for a tidy home!! :D
  2. This is my solution. And I think it makes a lot of sense. 

Carry everything around with me all the time, a la the Junk Lady from the awesome 1986 film Labyrinth. I'd never be short of pens. Not sure it would do the fatigue much good though.


So after having discussions with Si about my mess and post-its and writing on things and me agreeing I would try etc, we got into bed.

Si: "Is that a SPOON?!"

Me: "Urrr. Yep."
Si: *conducts mental forehead slap*