Monday, 17 June 2013

No go for the Goatel.

I will keep this brief because it's 10.40pm and I should be getting my much needed beauty sleep.

Lib caught a tummy bug, so the Devon weekend didn't happen (luckily we could rearrange it to this weekend instead...phew).
Poor Lib. It's so strange seeing her ill because she'd usually in such good health. I haven't had enough training! I'm not adept at being thrown up on (Lib needed Mummy cuddles when she was being sick. It was heart-warming until cottage cheese started erupting from her mouth sorry for that)
We coped fine, but I was surprised at how much it knackered me out. After all, most of the day was just spent cuddling in front of the TV. It's like I got sickness by proxy. Though, I guess it's a pretty stressful thing as a parent. I think it's the worry and concern that tires you out.

Luckily Lib's back to normal, but sadly Husband is now bed-ridden. I'm manning everything on my own, including dog walking. I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth, but I'm coping. Tell you what though, this weekend can't come soon enough. I'm so looking forward to sitting on a beach (hopefully not in the rain!), eating nice food, and watching my daughter eat sand and bothering unsuspecting wildwife. :D

P.S for Ms. Cranky Pants:
This is a Mr Whippy. I believe you crazy kids in America call it a 'soft serve'!

And this is a 'Goatel'. It's a Hotel for Goats. Yeah, I know. It's cr*p. Or.....maybe......maybe it could be just a little bit special. ;)

goat, hotel,

We'll find out this weekend!