Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Windy Sheep and Jumping Pillows

I think I said in my last post, something along the lines of "It's good we're going away this weekend, because the weather is meant to be better". What was I thinking?! Talk about tempting fate!
After all, this is England we're talking about...in the 'summer'. It was flipping cold (well...I was cold..Si as usual was 'man'ing up)! It was windy, rainy and grey, but despite that we had a great time in Devon.

Lib just loved everything which of course brightened everything up! MS wise, it was hard-work because we crammed a lot into each day, and I ended up having to sleep in the same bed with a wriggling toddler every night, but all things considering I think I did pretty darn well. For (what seems like) a long time, I'd been sort of avoiding trips like this because I wasn't convinced I'd cope. If I didn't  avoid them, then I ended up worrying about them a huge amount...which isn't much fun. Now that I'm stronger though, I feel a lot more confident with travelling and talking Lib places. I'm determined to make the most of it (because who knows what's round the corner, eh?).

Anyway, rather than rambling on about a mini holiday you probably have no interest in, I'll present to you just a few choice moments. ;)

Bouncing Jumping Pillow Fun

The Jumping Pillows - fun for all (especially Dads). These are literally giant bouncy pillows and OH how we wish we had a garden big enough to put one in.

*HULK SMASH* Lib didn't really see the point of sandcastles. But, let's be honest, my attempt was hardly impressive. I don't blame her for wanting to re-model.

Sheep Funny Staring

What a poser! This goggle-eyed sheep was determined to get her moment to shine. Bless 'er.

Goat-el Ramps Huts Goats

The afore-mentioned Goat-el which was housing some very camera-shy goats. I think. Let's be honest, it could have been empty.

Oh..wait..there's one! Behind the humongous daffodils!

And now, the pièce de résistance....


Frankly, I found the sight of a stuffed toy sheep 'riding' a real sheep flipping hilarious! What can I say? It's the small things in life.

Funny Sheep Jockey
Funny Sheep Jockey

And I won! (Well, technically the sheep won. But I had a little flutter and got a mug and a badge for my sheep, Woolly Jumper, coming in first. It's the sheep on the far left..with the multi coloured jockey. The fastest darn sheep in town! Well, the greediest anyway as they use food to tempt them to the end. Either way..what a star.

And here I am...receiving my winnings from..well...let's just call him the Mad Hatter. I was just so very, very happy. It took a lot not to push the kids out of the way to be the first up to receive my prizes! ;)

NB: I'd like to point out that the hoodie in the shop looked a lot less BRIGHT PINK. I was quite shocked when I got it out into the daylight! It blinds me!