Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Green Barley Test: Does it Help?

I read an article the other day on the fantastic MS Diet for Women site (I highly recommend this site!). It outlined the huge benefit Green Barley has on health, and how it can aid cell rejuvenation, so it's particularly great for people with MS. The full article is here for your perusal, but for now, here's a breakdown of the main points:

Green Barley is essential for MS because:

  • Rapid absorption
  • It contains a huge amount of vitamins
  • It contains essential minerals
  • It helps maintain an alkaline ph level in the blood, which is meant to be beneficial for degenerative illnesses.
  • It contains a high level of protein and amino acids (amino acids are the building blocks of cells)
  • It contains chlorophyll which helps the blood carry for oxygen.
  • It contains a huge amount of enzymes, which means nutrients are absorbed more readily.
  • It is packed with anti-oxidants.

With all of those good points, I thought I'd be foolish not to give it a try!

I've been taking it for a week now. I bought the green barley powder, so I could mix it with juice and have a nutritious drink at the beginning of the day.
So far, so green! I can't drink it mixed with water ( has a bit of a bitter taste, and as you'd expect, smells like grass), but with juice you can hardly taste it.

The Hulk's drink of choice

I'm going to post a regularly update on this page with my progress.

Week One - This week has been hot, so it's not a great time to spot any improvements because my fatigue has flared up so much. However, I do feel healthy and brighter for having it in the morning. It gives me a little buzz! I'm only starting off with 1/2 tsp per day, which will slowly increase, so it could be that more benefits start to emerge later on. One thing I know for sure, is that my skin looks noticeably clearer and healthier.  Normally when I'm tired, I look haggard! :)

----------- UPDATE ----------------

Week Two - I've upped the dose to a cheeky 1tsp and I've found it's really nice in apple juice. Skin still looks good and energy levels are doing pretty well...especially considering how scorching it's been this week. Plus I've lost 3lbs! I looked into it, and turns out green barley is great for losing weight, because it helps get rids of toxins, aids digestion, and contains so much good stuff I could actually use it as a meal replacement (not that I ever would! nom nom nom). Needless to say, I do have less of an appetite (though I am still eating healthily) and my tummy looks significantly less...fatty fatty podge podge. Maybe I'll finally get down to the illusive size 12?! It's a happy welcome bonus, I have to say.