Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Bedtime Adventures

Last week was a tough week. It was 'Let's bite the bullet and get Lib into a toddler bed' week.
Si was also away last week. Why, Chloe? Why did you take on such a challenge with no husband around to help? You're an idiot.

Well, I say, yes I am an idiot. It's a well known fact. But in my defence, I do believe it was easier with just me in the house. There was less distraction for Lib, and I knew at some point I would have to stick to my guns despite tantrums and the like, which Si finds tough. I had visions of me having to rugby tackle him in order to stop him rushing in and bundling Lib up in his arms! I sound really mean. I'm really not, I just suspected that it was going to take some toughness to make her realise she can't run riot at bedtime. 

Anyway, here's a brisk summary of the week that was.

FRIDAY: Hey Lib, this is your toddler bed! Enjoy! Oh, you're excited. Ok. we have to settle down and go to sleep. No, really. Getting up 4 times in the night is a bit tough for Mummy. *stroking hair* Ok, Mummy needs to lie down now. Ok, stay in bed, I'm right here if you need me (cue half asleep stumble onto the futon). 

SATURDAY: Right, so let's settle down in our awesome bed Lib. Ah, you're a bit more relaxed....good-oh.
So just waking up 3 times in the night is an improvement! I think I might just sleep here on the sofa anyway, so I'm within reach.

SUNDAY: Settled quite well, but I sat with her until she dropped off. Woke up a couple of times, but fell back to sleep quickly. I can see improvements!

MONDAY: Decide that Lib's used to the bed, so no more sitting with her and settling her for long periods. She needs to learn to get herself to sleep again. Went down fairly well but awake again in the wee hours. Getting tired of this. Why did I do this again? reverse...REVERSE (in fact, I knew there was no going back. Didn't think it would help in the long run).

TUESDAY: So you're going to be awkward, eh? Stay wide awake for two hours in the night and STILL wake up at 6am? Right. This calls for drastic action. So very very tired. 

WEDNESDAY: Time to get cracking. 40 minutes of me laying Lib back down every time she got up out of bed. At first she found it funny, then annoying, the upsetting. Many tears. But once she was settled she slept until 5am! (Funny how after a few nights bad sleep, that felt good at the time. 5am?! Too early, Lib.)

THURSDAY: Same routine again, but this time Lib's a lot more relaxed. Pottered around in her room and our bedroom, and it was obviously a comfort knowing I was just around, because she fell to sleep in about half an hour. Slept through, but at at 4.45am. Milk, cuddles and cartoons in my bed, then we fell back to sleep for 2 hours at 8am! Very mixed up. I feel like I'm constantly in a dream. 

FRIDAY: By jove...she's got it!! Brilliant. Straight to bed, give or take, and slept through until 5.45am. I can cope with that. 

Since then, it's been getting better each day. She now wakes up at 6.15 ish, but goes to bed well.
The only mis-hap we had was on Saturday, when we went a birthday party, Lib ate too many sweets, and wasn't anywhere near tired enough to go to bed until 9pm. She stayed up and watched Strictly Come Dancing, making me dance with her for every song. I was though ;)

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