Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Swim Fatgirl Swim

Okay...so...in a bid to become healthier and fitter and general less squidgy I joined a health club
I speak it under my breath, not because I have nothing against health clubs but I never thought I would be a member of one. I mean..ME...you know...actively doing exercise?! You must be mad. 

It all started when my neighbour (who also has MS) was talking about a lovely pool she goes to for a swim, once a week, at the hotel down the road. Sure it was a bit more expensive than using the busy pool at our local leisure centre, but I could swim whenever I liked (as opposed to inconvenient times at said leisure centre) and I wouldn't get jumped on/splashed/deafened/generally annoyed by all the kids on school holidays. So I went down to the hotel. I got my day pass and I had a lovely swim. I had a very nice chat with the chap that runs the place. He has a daughter Lib's age, and "yeah this place is very relaxed and not like your usual gym" and "we do various classes included in the price of your membership and Lib can swim for free, bring her whenever you like" and "oh we have a couple of people here with MS so we understand and no there won't be any 'looks' if you only manage to do 10 minutes of exercise" and "there's a nice restaurant here too that does a good lunch if you're peckish after" and "ok so it would be a six month contract for starters but there's a big discount if your husband fancies it too" and then "he does? Ok great! So that's a joint membership to start from today...just sign here please".

What can I say...the guy was a pro.

In all seriousness though, I certainly didn't feel conned into joining. It's the only gym/health club/whatever that I've been to where I don't feel intimidated or ridiculously fat and uncomfortable. It's small, so you don't get all the gym bunnies there, it's mainly older folk and people like me who just want to get a bit fit without going overboard. 

But what about your fatigue? Isn't it going to be a waste of money, Chloe?!
Well, ye of little faith, I mean. I'm trying, you know? Jeez. Give me a break! ;)

I joined mainly to be able to swim whenever I fancied, because I love it. And the more I swim, the stronger I can feel myself getting. I really want to get in the habit of going at least a couple of times a week (once with Lib, who also loves swimming) and go from there. When I started walking Obi (our miniature schnauzer) I couldn't do much at first, and just built it up each time. Now on a good day and with my music on to distract me from aches, I can take him for a good hour long walk. I never would have believed that a couple of years ago. 

So yes, I am going to build up with the swimming, watch what I eat, and fingers crossed, get rid of this excess weight before Baby Two comes along. I figure the stronger I can make myself in the good MS-y periods, then better I'll be able to cope with the bad ones. 

You know the weirdest thing though?........ I'm actually enjoying it. (shudder)

Take this and add a few more big splashes, some flailing limbs, 
and a look of surprise and you have...me.