Sunday, 19 October 2014

6 weeks pregnant: The MS Holiday

Yet again, I'm preggers and basking in the sunny sunshine-ness of the MS Holiday.
Don't get my wrong, I feel quite crap, but the pregnancy tiredness is so much easier than the MS fatigue. Now, if I feel knackered, I can sit down for half and hour and rest and I actually feel better. Usually, with my MS, it take a whole day of rest to improve things if my fatigue is bad.

I've been lucky again in that I haven't got any morning sickness, just the odd bit of nausea, which tends to only happen if I eat or drink something that my body decides it doesn't like any more.
But yeah, generally I'm feeling pretty peachy. I don't know whether this is because I'm lucky, or because compared to the sh*t storm that is MS, pregnancy feels like a breeze at the moment.

I certainly remember from last time though, how things have their ups and downs...and blimey, it's still early days....