Sunday, 19 October 2014

It's happened folks!

Baby Number Two is on it's way!

Hurrah (eeek) hurrah! :)

Now, being a person not wanting to count my chickens? eggs in a basket? (what is that saying again?!) I'm being overly cautious and waiting until that first 12 week-ish scan before I put the news out there. We were lucky in a way last time, because I had a lot of pain in the first week, they did a scan to make sure everything was ok. So we knew that a baby was alive and kicking in there (pardon the expression...I don't think Lib had legs at that point...). This time though, I have the suspense of having the wait those lonnnnng 12 weeks before we know for sure that all is well.

With that in mind, it means that though I will be writing about what's going on, no-one is going to be able to read it until we're past the ok mark. So this is actually in the past, but you're reading it in the future now that baby is bigger, but things will catch up and be in the present  soon. Got it? neither. Ok then.

So here we go...the first retrospective post.

It only took 4 months to conceive (which was hard work. Every month my body played tricks on me so I was getting symptoms and convinced that I was preggers, only to be let down by a late period. (Turns out it wasn't a late period, but that my cycle after finally settling down after being on the pill, was a week longer than I thought), but everything was so up in the air, it was hard to tell what was normal.

Anyway, the successful month meant I was sure I couldn't be pregnant because I wasn't getting any symptoms! I had to remind myself that the months I did get 'symptoms' I wasn't pregnant, so yeah...idiot. And even over the next week, the only strange things that occurred was tea all of a sudden tasting metallic, and me not wanting to drink a lovely glass of red wine. Pretty big indicators for some, but for me, I'd just convinced myself I wasn't so I didn't get let down when my period arrived.

Then it didn't arrive. And I was good and waited until I was 5 days late before I did a test.
That was the best thing!! Seeing a positive test was lovely :). Last time my doctor had done one so I never got to see it for myself. I jumped up and down for joy, and all worries about not being able to cope went out the window! Everything would be fine....